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Sunday, February 26, 2006

TELUGU (తెలుగు) Survival Kit -I

(The first 10 of the 94 conversational dialogues)

1)'namasthE!(greetings) baagaa(well) unnaaraa ([are] you)?'
నమస్తే! బాగా ఉన్నారా ?
Namaste! How do you do?

2)'aan(yes), aMthaa(all) kShEmamE(fine)!'
ఆన్, అంతా క్షేమమే !
Yes, all are fine!

3)‘lOpalaku(Into) raMDi(come)’
‘లోపలకు రంఢి’
come in.

4)‘raMDi(please come),koorchOMDi(please be seated)’
come in and be seated.

5)‘meeru(you) eppuDu(when)
‘మీరు ఎప్పుఢు వచ్చినారు’
When did you come ?

Only just now.

7)‘tee (Tea) puchchukOMDi( please take)!'
‘టీ పుచ్చుకోంఢి !
Have some Tea.

8)‘raMDi (Please come), tee (tea) puchchukoMdhaamu ((let us) take) ’
‘రంఢి, టీ పుచ్చుకొందాము’
come,let us have Tea.

9) ‘kShamiMchaMDi(please (you) excuse), ippuDE
(just now) puchchukonnaanu'( I have taken))’
‘క్షమించంఢి, ఇప్పుఢే పుచ్చుకొన్నాను’
Excuse me, I have just had my tea.

10)‘sigarettu (Cigarett) kaalusthaaraa( burn
‘సిగరెట్టు కాలుస్తారా ?’
Would you like to smoke?



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