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Thursday, January 23, 2014


He once said: "What would have happened to me, had Ghantasala Balaramiah travelling in a train not noticed me on the railway platform! It was a matter of CHANCE that I came into his view and that moment changed my DESTINY."
He, being an atheist, doesn't take god's name, but the word 'chance'.

On this topic of chance & God there was an article in the OPEN PAGE of The Hindu of January 12,2014, by Suyash Suxena, Center for Philosophy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Here is an excerpt from the same:-

"...The element of Chance is vital in life. Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace:'If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed.'

Because there is uncertainty in life and no amount of rational knowledge can preempt the twists and turns life is going to take in the future, we inevitably have to resort to the idea of Chance. Had life been completely defined by rationality and reason, we would not have needed ideas of Chance and God. But then the 'possibility of life would have been destroyed.' Life is possible only because the next moment is decided by Chance.

Chance and God then become the central idea around which life revolves. But perhaps that is a rash conclusion drawn from an incomplete story. While it is true that life is determined only by the existence of Chance, it is equally true that the idea of Chance and God is determined only in the context of life. It is only because human life is possible that God and Chance have a meaning. Had there been no life, God and Chance would have been superfluous concepts. It is the human life that is central, and around it revolves the ideas of God and religion. It is thus the human being who has created the idea of God to harmonize the contradictions of life and it may not be the other way round..."

(The above cited article answers the big question- why at all that supernatural element 'GOD' is required! The answer is in the song - "ninaithadellam nadandhuvittaal deyvam aedumillai" from the Tamil movie 'nenjil Or aalayam'l (in Telugu the same is"thalachinadhE jariginadaa dhaivam endhulaku" from the movie 'manasE mandiram'). If we can predict the twists and turns the life takes in future, then we don't require GOD! Because there is UNCERTAINTY in life, and no rational knowledge or reason can predict the future, it leads to the idea of CHANCE & GOD (like the 'insurance' business exists as there is uncertainty of risk) . Once the supernatural element 'GOD' is accepted, then millions of thoughts, philosophies, religions, ideologies etc are placed together in the name of God)
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