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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1714- “annam parabrahma swaroopam”

According to Hindu scriptures, annam(food) is a form of Brahman- LORD ALMIGHTY (“annam parabrahma swaroopam”). Food is God; God is love; spread love by sharing food.

"To the hungry religion comes in the form of bread".
"The only God that exists, the only God in whom we believe God the miserable, my God the poor of all races".
Swamy Vivekananda

To throw away food, it doesn't take even a minute
But to grow food grains, it takes months and years!
Eat what you take, take only what you eat!


(Food is the characteristic of mortal life. Hindu texts refer to the physical body as annamaya kosa or food body because it is produced by food. The food body is also identified with the earth element (mahabhuta) because it consists mostly of the earth matter. The gross body is the seat of our senses and it receives nourishment through the senses and food. It is responsible for our bodily desires and bondage to earth. When a person dies he leaves his food body behind and goes to other planes of existence depending upon his previous karma.
Food occupies an important part in the religious life of Hindus. Food is offered to ancestors during rituals. Food is offered to gods during their invocation ceremonies. Food is offered to deities in the temples. Food is served to the poor and the needy as part of seva or charitable service. Food is also served to the animals and birds as a part of religious duty.)

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Nice article sir, I used to hear each and every word from my parents in my childhood.please keep writing..

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