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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1797- Small gestures sometimes save a life!

An inspiring story...
This story is about a person working at an ice plant. It was almost the end of the day. Everyone had packed up to leave.
Just then a technical snag arose and he went to check it out. By the time he finished it was late. The doors were sealed and the lights were off.
Trapped inside the ice plant the whole night without fresh air and light, an icy grave was almost sure for him.
Hours passed. Suddenly he found someone opening the door.
Was it a miracle?
The security guard entered with a flashlight and helped him come out.
On the way out the person asked the security guard, “How did you know that I was inside?” “Who informed you?”
The guard said, “Sir; this unit has fifty people. But you are the only one who says 'Good morning' to me when you arrive and 'Goodbye' in the evening. You had reported this morning, but did not go out in the evening. This made me suspicious, so I came in to check and found you locked inside. ”
Never had the person imagined that a simple gesture of greeting someone would be a lifesaver for him.
So remember to greet people with a warm smile when you meet them, for these are the real miracles in life.

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