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Monday, May 11, 2015


(Thanks James Kella)
If evil men entered the church and placed idols – what to do?
I would like u to imagine that Jesus is also present in church at the very same time. What would Jesus do? [WWJD] Would HE run to the police for protection? Call the media for publicity to defame the perpetrators? Would He politicize and call all churches and religious leaders for support and call for a dharna? Would He spiritualize it and call for a prayer and repentance meeting?
Jesus would love and embrace them, feed them, heal their sick and make friends with them and soon they would be following HIM.
Also u give to understand that there are no idols in churches; What about the idols of greed, money, power, positions, etc. What about the idols of lust, selfishness, jealousy, etc in my own heart. You worry about imaginative idols I worry about idols already present. Let us attack these idols first.
2. Is church the building or you and i? Was not Solomon’s temple destroyed by king Nebuchadnezzar? Was not the 2nd Temple destroyed in 70 AD? Is not the golden dome mosque standing in the vicinity of the Temple now? I believe God is not so much interested in buildings as He is in winning hearts of people.
3. Let them destroy church buildings, they cannot destroy our faith, let us love these men. Love can melt the hardest of hearts.

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