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Friday, October 28, 2016


The law of excellence: “Excellent rewards are paid for excellent perfor-mance, excellent products or excellent service. The quality of our life will be determined by our commitment to excellence more than by any other factor.”

Let's strive for excellence, not for perfection.

Human beings can never be perfect, only God, our creator is perfect. Perfection (without fault or defect) is unattainable, frustrating and neurotic.

Excellence (of high quality) is attainable, gratifying and healthy. So let's not be perfect, just be our best. That is excellence. Then the work becomes an avenue of self expression and an expression from heart. Work also becomes enjoyment for when work is an enjoyment, it will not be drudgery. Let's steer our whole endeavour to touch EXCELLENCE. Excellence is self expression and harmony resulting in attaining peace as well as happiness and that is ultimately called ‘success’.

Striving for excellence is progress. So, our level of performance is a choice. We can settle for mediocrity, or we can strive for excellence.

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