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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TELUGU (తెలుగు) Conversations :Survival Kit -V I

(The sixth 10 of the 94 conversational practice modules)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- uththaraM pOstulO veyyaMDi

ee(this) uththaraM(letter) pOstulO(in post) veyyaMDi(drop)’

‘ఈ ఉత్తరం పోస్టులో వెయ్యంఢి’

Please,post this letter!
52. ‘ee chekkunu vidipiMchukOvaali’

ee((this ) chekkunu(cheque) vidipiMchukOvaali[(to be) encashed)]’

‘ఈ చెక్కును విడిపించుకోవాలి’

This cheque is to be encashed.
53. ‘naaku traMk kaalu namOdhu/bukku cheyyaMdi.’

naaku((for me) traMk kaalu(trunk call) namOdhu/bukku(book) cheyyaMdi(do sir)’

‘నాకు ట్రంక్ కాలు నమోదు/బుక్కు చెయ్యండి’

Please, book me a trunk call.

54. ‘emtha dabbu ivvamaMtaaru?’

emtha(how much) dabbu(money) ivvamaMtaaru [(tell me) to give)] ?’

‘ఎంత డబ్బు ఇవ్వమంటారు ?’

Tell me how much money is to be paid ?
55. ‘iKKadanuMchi bajaaru eMtha dhooramu ?’

iKKadanuMchi(from here) bajaaru(market) eMtha(how) dhooramu(far) ?’

‘ఇక్కడనుంచి బజారు ఎంత దూరము ?’

How far is the market from here?
56. ‘chaalaa dhooramu'


‘చాలా దూరము'

It is quite a distannce.
57. ‘taaksi ekkada dhorukuthuMdhi?’

taaksi((Taxi) ekkada(where) dhorukuthuMdhi (available)?’

‘టాక్సి ఎక్కడ దొరుకుతుంది?’

Where can I get a taxi?
58. ‘adhigO! avathali malupulOnE!'

adhigO(There)! avathali(next) malupulOnE(in turning only)!

‘అదిగో! అవతలి మలుపులోనే!

There!At the next turning only.
59. ‘taaksee! bajaaruku eMtha theesukoMtaaru?

taaksee(Taxi driver)! bajaaruku(to market) eMtha(how much) theesukoMtaaru[(do you) take)] ?

‘టాక్సీ! బజారుకు ఎంత తీసుకొంటారు?

Taxi driver! How much do you charge to go to market?
60. ‘iravai roopaayalaMDi!’

iravai((twenty ) roopaayalaMdi(rupees sir) !’

‘ఇరవై రూపాయలండి!’

Twenty rupees sir!



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