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Friday, March 03, 2006

TELUGU (తెలుగు) Conversations :Survival Kit -V

(The fifth 10 of the 94 conversational practice modules)

rOjuku(per day) eMtha(how much)
adhdhe(rent) ivvaali[(to) give] ?’
‘రోజుకు ఎంత అద్దె ఇవ్వాలి ?’
What is the rent per day?

42.rOjuku(per day) reMdu(two) vaMdhala(hundred) roopaayalu(rupees.)’
‘రోజుకు రెండు వందల రూపాయలు’
It is Rs. 200/- per day.

43.EM(What) bhOjanaM(food) pedathaaru [(you) serve]?
shaakaahaaramaa[(is it) vegetarian], maaMsaahaaramaa[(is it) Non-vegetarian]?
‘ఏం భోజనం పెడతారు ? శాకాహారమా, మాంసాహారమా?'
What kind of food do you serve? vegetarian (or) Non-vegetarian?

44. ‘reMdoonu’

45.aa(that) edhuti(front) gadhilOki(room into) veLLaMdi (go Sir).
‘ఆ ఎదుటి గదిలోకి వెళ్ళండి’
Go to the front room.

46.kaavalasiMdhi(requirements) adagaMDi(ask Sir).
‘కావలసింది అడగంఢి’
Ask for whatever you want.

47. koMchaM(Some) maMchi(good) neeLLu(water) isthaaraa[(will you)give]?’
‘కొంచం మంచి నీళ్ళు ఇస్తారా?’
Will you get me some (drinking) water ?

48.meeru(you) akkadaku(there to) raMdi(come Sir)’.
‘మీరు అక్కడకు రండి’.
You come there.

49.bhOjanaM(Food) theesuku (bring) raMdi(come sir)’ &
‘భోజనం తీసుకు రండి’
Bring/serve the food.

50.battalu(clothes) uthakaMdi(wash Sir).’
‘బట్టలు ఉతకండి’
Wash the clothes.



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