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Sunday, March 19, 2006

TELUGU (తెలుగు) Conversations :Survival Kit -VI I

(The seventh 10 of the 94 conversational practice modules)
61. ‘naa vadhdha, chillara lEdhu’
naa(my) vadhdha(possession), chillara(change) lEdhu[not(there)].’
‘నా వద్ద, చిల్లర లేదు’
Sorry! I don’t have any change.

62. ‘saraku maMchidhaa?
saraku(stuff) maMchidhaa [(is it)allright]?'
సరకు మంచిదా?
Is the stuff alright?

63.‘aa battadhi pakkaa raMgEnaa?’
aa(that) battadhi(cloth’s) pakkaa(fast) raMgEnaa(colour)?’
‘ఆ బట్టది పక్కా రంగేనా?’
Is the cloth’s colour fast?

64. ‘aan! nishchayaMgaa!
aan!(yes!) nishchayaMgaa(Certainly)!
‘ఆఁ! నిశ్చయంగా!

65. a.‘meetaru eMtha?’
a.‘meetaru(meter) eMtha(howmuch)?’
how much per meter?
అ.‘మీటరు ఎంత?’

66. ‘vaMdha roopaayalaMdi!’
vaMdha(hundred) roopaayalaMdi(rupees sir)!’
‘వంద రూపాయలండి!’
Hundred rupees sir!

67. ‘enabhaiki isthaaraa?’
enabhaiki(for eighty) isthaaraa(will you)
‘ఎనభైకి ఇస్తారా?’
Will you give it for eighty?

68. ‘Dhara gittadhu’
Dhara(price) gittadhu[(does) not agree] ’
‘ధర గిట్టదు’
Sorry! I do not agree on the price.

(69)‘nEnu konni rOjula nundi jabbugaa unnaanu’
nEnu(I) konni(some) rOjula(days) nundi(since) jabbugaa(ill) unnaanu [(I)am].'
‘నేను కొన్ని రోజుల నున్డి జబ్బుగా ఉన్నాను.’
I am ill for the last few days.

69. ‘meeru enni rOjulu shalavulO uMdaali?'
meeru (You) enni(howmany) rOjulu(days) shalavulO(leave in) uMdaali(have to be) ?'
మీరు ఎన్ని రోజులు శలవులో ఉండాలి?'
‘For how many days have you to be on leave?

70.‘nEnu ee rOjunuMdi oka nela shalavulO uMtaanu’
nEnu(I) ee(this) rOju(day) nuMdi(from ) oka(one) nela(month) shalavu(leave) lO(in) uMtaanu(will be)'
‘నేను ఈ రోజునుండి ఒక నెల శలవులో ఉంటాను.’
I will be on leave for a month from today.




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