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Monday, February 10, 2014

1339- VIKAS SWARUP ISMS (From "The Accdental Appentice")

Vikas Swarup isms (1)
"In life, like in business, u never get what u deserve: u get what u negotiate.
Vikas Swarup isms (2) :
"The dead don't die. As long as we remember them, they remain alive in our hearts."

"Vikas Swarup isms(3):
It is the basic rule of human nature that the promise of unexpected wealth, short circuits both intelligence and common sense. That is why we have all these Ponzi schemes, chit-fund scams, timber plantation frauds, Nigerian scams etc.
'We are in kaliyug, the dark age, full of sin and corruption. Religion is no longer in fashion.The youngsters are consumed by consumption. Their God is money, first and foremost.'

Vikas Swarup ism(5):
"In life you don't get what you deserve: you only get what you negotiate."

'Now I am negotiating with you.'

"But in order to negotiate you need to have LEVERAGE of some kind."

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