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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

1633- Kushwanth Singh on Osho

Late Kushwant Singh writes in his forward to "Life's mysteries, an introduction to the teachings of OSHO" -

"... Rajneesh was perhaps the first of the great teachers who had carefully examined tenets of other faiths: he could rightly claim to be the only teacher who was a scholar of comparative religions. The fact in itself entitled him to be heard with respect...In 35 years of giving discourses everyday...,he touched upon a vast and baffling range of subjects.There are almost 600 volumes of Osho's works in print and thousands of tapes available in Osho centres and bookstores.

Many of his discourses were on ancient religious texts of different religions.I can personally vouch for their profundity...I translated Guru Nanak's morning prayers,Japj into English verse.I thought I knew everything worth knowing about this morning prayer till I heard Rajaneesh's voice on tape propound esoteric meanings behind every line quoting the Upanishads and writings of Bhakta saints. I had not heard anything as profound from scholars of Sikhism..."

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