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Thursday, January 08, 2015

1760- MASSES

James Kella Long ago i read of a marathon where at a turn the 1st guy took a wrong turn and almost 90% followed him and got disqualified only a few could complete. Following the masses does not mean you are on the right track whether it is in spiritual, carnal, academics, etc.
Narayana Rao C This reminds me of the joke I heard when I was in school.
A teacher wanted to conduct a special class on a Sunday, hence the notice on the board-"I want to meet my CLASSES on Sunday at 10am." Boys being boys, they erased the letter 'C' from the word 'CLASSES' and it reads- "I want to meet my LASSES on Sunday at 10am." Now the teacher deletes 'L' from 'LASSES' as to make it read- "I want to meet my ASSES on Sunday at 10am"

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