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Saturday, February 28, 2015

1831-Customer care!

A boy called to Airtel customer care...
A girl picked up the phone.

Girl: ..........Welcome to the Airtel Customer care
Boy: Thank you.
Gilr : How may i Help you ??
Boy:: Would you like to marry me ???
Gilr : Sir, you dialed Wrong number:-
Boy: No No, i dialed correct number only, will you marry me ?
Girl : No, i'm not interested in Marriage 😐
Boy :Hello Madam, listen please😈
Girl : not interested
Boy : If you do Love marriage, then i will take to you to LONDON . Or Honkong for arranged marriage.
Girl : Hello, i'm not interested in marrying you. Then why are giving me these offers ??
Boy :Court marriage expense 10,000rs
Normal Marriage expense 2,00,000rs
Girl : Why are you not understanding me, i'm not interested in marrying you..
Boy : So, now you realised our Pain, When we are NOT interested in any plans/offers. why do you keep on calling us.



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