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Saturday, February 28, 2015


( inner and outer cleanliness)
How to Purify Ourself
Many teachers talk about the importance of purifying ourselves, but how do we do it?
Here are ten ways to purify ourselves based on timeless wisdom...
1. Food gets purified by having positive thoughts while Cooking & Eating
2. Body gets purified by Bathing & Exercising
3. Breath gets purified by Conscious Breathing
4. Intellect gets purified by Contemplating Wisdom Teachings
5. Memory / Perceptions get purified by Reflection and Conscious Thinking
6. Ego gets purified by Joyful Service
7. Emotions / Feelings get purified by Gratitude and Selfless Love
8. Wealth gets purified by Generosity and Giving
9. Mind gets purified by Meditation & Self Inquiry
10. True Nature / Self is realized by Abiding in Silence
Those who steadily and patiently practice in this way, purify themselves in each of these dimensions. They begin to lead more calm, balanced and joyful lives. They keep growing in wisdom and bring peace and harmony to the whole world.
~ Inspired by Gurvinder Singh, Arvind Chaubal & Mukund Apte

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