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Friday, March 06, 2015

1873- Hyderabadeez..

road pe takkar (accident) hote hote bache to.. kaise react karte hain..?
1) Haule.. andha hai kya..? 🙈
2) Kahan ghusra miyan...? 😯
3) Zara dekh ke chalao ustaad.. 😎
4) Bahuth jaldi mein dikhra, baawa ke shaadi mein jara kya.. 🎊
5) Horn maarna re haule..
6) Arey yaaro, mein ich mila subba subba.. ⛅
7) Ghar mein bol ke nai aaye kya..
8) Meri gaadi ich mili... tere ku marne.. 🚛
9) Plane me paida hua kya re..? hallu chala
10) Baawa ka road samajra kya..?
Now this one is Ultimate..
11) Ghooorra kaiku re.. Jhinge..

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