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Thursday, June 18, 2015

2077- Ravindra Patil , the prime witness in actor Salman Khan's rash driving case

Salman Khan
Here I am giving a point just ask all the people what they will say when in place on the people died or injured is replaced by the ones they love...
Just saying, all those who are supporting Salman Khan, and saying footpath is not a place to sleep, obviously it is not I agree completely, but I think it is also not to drive... and is it obvious people sleeping over there must not be on leisure trip or participating in any reality show, they were sleeping just because they don't have roof over their head to stay safe like we all do...whatever be the reason and whoever is responsible for their condition, that is totally different topic of discussion..
Just a flipside view: Just imagine a member of your family walking on the same footpath or just standing there for some reason, same Salman khan came drunk and driving, and hit that member of your family....will then also your logic goes same of it will change just because that person is your near and dear ones, If your statement changes then we should think of what kind of humanity we are practicing.....
And this whole lot of bunch of bollywood morons, esp. Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya (singer I admire since childhood) not any more....will say the same, dogs walking on the footpath, they can't afford this that and blah blah blah...
If all get out of trauma of Salman getting convicted please give it a thought...
-Sethu Srivastava, in the fb,The Logical Indian

After the Salman Khan, Jayalalitha & Ramalinga Raju verdict,
Dawood Ibrahim is keen on returning to India...
He has faith in the Indian Judiciary !
I went to the Bhelwala asked him for a bhel.
Asked him "jara jaldi dena."
He told me "Saab bhel hai, bail nahi. Time lagegaa !"

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