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Friday, January 06, 2017

2127- God is One!

It is true, God is one.
Yes,as  per Advaita(like Sufism) too, God/ Brahman is one. Vedas too say "Ekam Sat, vipra bahuda vadanti"- God/Truth is one but wise call Him by different names.

To visualise an abstract God is difficult for us mortals. Each country has got a Flag. Flag is not the country. It symbolises the country. Likewise each  has got his own symbol to visualise/remind him of his deity- a Letter/a Book/a Kaba/ an Idol/ a Cross etc. A child cannot visualise the abstract alphabets. So we teach him alphabets through concrete objects like- A for apple, B for boy C for cat etc till such time he can fluently read.

Till we can understand the abstract (omnipotent/omnipresent/ omniscient) Brahman we worship the ideal behind symbols/ idols as  props and as our conscious expands we drop them.

Religions are man made, and ultimately what counts is man's relationship with God and the fellow human beings. If at all religion is to help, it should just help in finding the best way possible to live and let live.Therefore,now a days many lean towards spiritualism without religion.



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