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Saturday, March 25, 2006

TELUGU (తెలుగు) Conversations :Survival Kit -VIII

(The eigth 10 of the 94 conversational practice modules)

71. ‘naaku konni maMchi pusthakaalu paMpu’

‘naaku(to me) konni(some) maMchi(good) pusthakaalu(books) paMpu(send)’

‘నాకు కొన్ని మంచి పుస్తకాలు పంపు’

'Send me some good books.'


72.‘vaaru mee jabbu samaachaaraM thelipaaru’

‘vaaru (that gentleman) mee(your) jabbu(illness) samaachaaraM(news) thelipaaru (informed)’

‘వారు మీ జబ్బు సమాచారం తెలిపారు’

That gentleman informed me the news of your ill health.


73. ‘dayachEsi kOpa paDaku / paDakandi!'

‘dayachEsi(Please) kOpa(anger) paDaku(don’t feel) / paDakandi(don’t feel sir)!’

‘దయచేసి కోప పడకు / పడకండి!’

'Please don’t be angry! '


74.‘mee goMthu chaalaa thiyyagaa unnadhi’

‘mee(your) goMthu(voice) chaalaa(very) thiyyagaa(sweet) unnadhi(is)’

‘మీ గొంతు చాలా తియ్యగా ఉన్నది’

Your voice is very sweet.


75.'oka paata paaduthaavaa/paaduthaaraa?'

'oka(one) paata(song) paaduthavaa[(doyou)sing] /paaduthaaraa?[(doyou)sing sir?]'

‘ఒక పాట పాఅడుతావా/పాడుతారా?

Could you please, sing a song?


76. ‘naaku paadataM raadhu’.

‘naaku(for me) paadataM(to sing) raadhu[(doesnot)come]’

‘నాకు పాడటం రాదు’

'I cannot sing.'


77.'bhaya padaku/padakaMdi.'

‘bhaya(Fear) padaku(not) / padakaMdi(not sir).’

‘భయ పడకు / పడకండి’

'Don’t be afraid.'


78.‘oka paryaayaM prayathniMchaMdi’

‘oka(one) paryaayaM(time) prayathniMchaMdi[(you) try].

‘ఒక పర్యాయం ప్రయత్నించండి’

’Please try once.'

79.‘tharvaatha koMtha sEpu vishraaMthi theesukOMdi’

‘tharvaatha(afterwards) koMtha(some) sEpu(time) vishraaMthi(rest) theesukOMdi[(you)take].’

‘తర్వాత కొంత సేపు విశ్రాంతి తీసుకోండి’

'(Please)Take a little rest afterwards.'
80. ‘nEnu naa phOtO meeku paMputhaanu’

‘nEnu(I) naa(my) phOtO(photo) meeku(to you) paMputhaanu(send).’

‘నేను నా ఫోటో మీకు పంపుతాను’

'I will send you my photograph.'



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