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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bridge across time SKYLINE

The Anna flyover was then the longest in the country and the third of its kind, writes A.Srivathsan

Early innovation: A view of the flyover near Gemini Circle in Madras the capital of the southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu, as seen in May 1973. The picture shows the construction of the flyover nearing completion.

As early as 1949, the Chennai Corporation proposed two long flyovers. One was to start from Gemini intersection and end at the Island Ground on Mount Road (Anna Salai). The other was proposed from the Traffic and Licensing office on Poonammalee High Road to the Fort station. These were daring ideas and way ahead of their times. For some reason, these serpentine flyovers were never built. However, after 25 years, a part of the original proposal was taken up and a flyover ov er the Gemini intersection was completed.

The Anna flyover was inaugurated on July 1, 1973. It was then the longest flyover in the country and the third of its kind. The two that preceded it were the ones at the Kemps Corner and the Marine Drive in Mumbai.

This 1600 feet long and 48 feet wide bridge was built in 21 months by the East Coast Construction and Industries.

The flyover was built with a bridge deck system that used multiple hollow box slabs made of pre-cast elements. The usage of hollow sections and high lateral distribution of load due to special detailing were patented design ideas and were used here for the first time.

[The Hindu, Property Plus-Chennai, 29:09:2007]



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