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Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Treasury of Urdu poetry- from Mir to fiaz- Ghazals with English renderings

ISBN: 978-81-7028-691-2
Author: Kuldip Salil
Price: 250/-
Format: Hardcover
With the expansion of TV media in the Asian sub-continent, the understanding of Urdu language has become a necessity to enjoy ghazals, film lyrics, TV serial and stage performances.

This anthology is for the benefit of readers who are not so well versed in Urdu.This title has selections of 34 eminent poets from old masters Meer and Ghalib to modern poets Faiz and Faraz. This will help in popularising and understanding of the Urdu language( ghazals in Devanagari script, with meanings in Hindi for the difficult Urdu words) among ghazal lovers with the English rendering of the same..

A book to be acquired, savoured and to adorn one's bookshelf.

This book is published by RAJPAL&SONS, Delhi.



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