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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eight ways to make a point

Renowned public speaking trainer David Brooks on what it takes to hold audience interest

Informative David Brooks

Public speaking is today considered the keystone for any career because it takes communication skills to a new level. And, David Brooks, a world champion of public speaking, knows that only too well. An award-winning trainer, David is known for his programmes that have entertained and inspired audiences around the world.

According to David, there are eight rules to effective speaking.

The first is to know that “the audience is not the enemy”.

Second, “to determine what you want the audience to think, feel or do”.

The third, “to write your speech word for word”, so that more topics could be effectively covered in a short speech.

Fourth, “to bring life to your words with colourful images and examples”.

Fifth, “to make a point and tell a story”, which can change the way you speak.

Sixth, “happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear are the emotions which will help to connect with the audience”.

Seventh, “Don’t underestimate the power of laughter”, as it relaxes the body. And

eighth, “Don’t tell us, take us”.

And, he says that there are three phases of development of a speaker

the first is a state of immaturity. This is when the speaker thinks, ‘How do I feel, look or sound?’

In the phase second, the learner knows how to make a well written and edited speech.

And in the final phase, the speaker takes into account the audience.

Brooks said that a speech should inform, persuade, inspire and entertain the audience.

(The Hindu, Metro Plus, Chennai, 13:09:2008)



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