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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1353- Live in harmony

Sean Smith, who will present a seminar, Just Jump, in Chennai, talks about faith, life, work and more

Sean Smith, who is called ‘the premier breakthrough coach’ works with business owners and helps them “find their purpose”, besides helping identify what’s holding them back from success. He hails from Southern California and will be in Chennai to talk about the ‘seven deadliest mistakes in goal setting’ and the ‘5 Fs — Fascination, Feedback, Fun, Faith and Fight,’ among other things.

advice given to people who are looking to set GOALS for themselves- Professionally and personally:-

First, consider what your goals are and write them down:
Studies always show that people who write their goals down are many times more likely to achieve them. The clearer you are, the more chances you have to achieve them as well. 

Second, visualise and affirm the achievement of your goals daily:
The unconscious mind is a very powerful achievement mechanism, but it does not get engaged unless the goal is clear and inspiring. The more you imagine yourself achieving the goal, the more motivated you will be. 

Third, create a clear action plan for each goal:
Most people who do set goals stop there. They don’t design a path to get where they want to be. It is usually very inspiring when you see the “how” illuminated for a goal that is important to you. 

Fourth, create public accountability by telling other people what you are committing to achieve: 
I often place my goals in a public forum such as Facebook and even offer consequences for not doing the necessary activities. 

Fifth, set yourself up to succeed with a success team: 
I believe a good success team has five components — a mastermind group, a daily accountability partner, a mentor, a private life or business coach, and constant studying through seminars, books and audio programmes. 

Finally, appreciate yourself for your efforts, not just your outcomes:
Most people put too much pressure on themselves to achieve their tangible goals, and in that process either sabotage themselves because of the pressure, or create a pattern of always having to achieve another goal to feel happy and important. Give yourself praise for trying, not just for achieving. 

(The Hindu, Metroplus, 25:02:2012)

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