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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1364-From my scrap book: Gandhi vs. us!

Gandhi was totally non-violent-- in thought, word and deed. We are violent!

He was absolutely clean. Some of us are cleaner- we launder even our money!

He identified himself with the poorest of the poor. We identify ourselves with loafers and Bofors!

He had sterling character. We are chasing 'Dollar values'!

He was guided by distant stars. We are guided by film stars!

He was self-effacing. We are self-degrading!

He was supremely happy possessing nothing. We are terribly unhappy obsessed with possessions!

He had boundless compassion. We are full of passion!

He never ridiculed anyone. We do not do anything else!

He spread sweetness and light. WE spread sourness and blight!

He felt he was an instrument in the hands of God! We use even God as an Instrument to serve our ends!

He was very humble and felt he should reduce himself to a zero. We are born zeros!

He was a a giant of a man.We are little insects crawling the earth thinking we own it!

His slogan was 'service before self'. Ours is self service!

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