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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1700- Importance of human birth in Sanatana Dharma

As far as Sanatana dharma is concerned
" ...Individualized souls transmigrate from one body to another after death in their passage of evolution from vegetative kingdom to animal kingdom and finally to the human plane, human kind being the perfect bod
y. Vegetable, animal and human bodies serve the souls as vehicles in their upward journey. The total number of different kinds of carriages is supposed to be 84 lacs. But, human being the highest evolved form, is the best instrument for God realization...
It is claimed that through human body only moksha or emancipation from the wheels of Maya is possible, and not through the bodies of even gods residing in higher spheres. They too have to come down and take up the bodies of men, which only hold key to the door of evolution to God realization."

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