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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1703- Truth about Religions - Islam , Hinduism and Christianity!

Courtesy: Krishnanunni Prakasan
Sunday, 7 July 2013
(Note :- This post is not intended to hurt anyone just plane Truths which I observed around.)
 Well I always believe that no multireligious country can ever progress and I still believe in it .
My own personal experiences say a story . Even if i am born a Hindu i am not a fanatic Hindu nor a fanatic religious person like my brothers and sisters . I am proud of being a Hindu . I believe in Hinduism , Buddhism and Christianity . I am proud of being part of one of the oldest religions in the world .
And I wont be a hypocrite either . I know there are definite evils within the Hindu system like caste system , dalit mass murdering etc . Well as a Keralite and with the help of Communism and Christian missionaries . Kerala never had to face the evils of Hinduism . Well at least Keralites are not fanatics like their counterparts in the North . Keralites have matured enough to know that no religion is really practical . But lately what i have been observing and living has been pretty disturbing for me as well as it could affect Kerala in the future .
Its a fact that even the most modern religions out there aren't fool proof can only be beneficial to a human when he is depressed and religions and Gods can work as hope and could be used in effective way to prevent men from sinning other than that I see no use for religions including Hinduism .
I respect Christians but i hate the sect in Christians that say all problems in your life can be solved by accepting Jesus as saviour or there is only one God Jesus and you will burn in hell if you deviate from the path of Jesus . well to be frank of I have seen the movie Passion of Christ
and I had wept and I still respect Jesus for nonviolence he stood for and how he calls his followers to forgive sinners . and how he tells his followers to shun non violence . Jesus being the most merciful prayed for people of Israel for God or Creator to forgive them for the sins they did . So Christianity is a definite embracer of Non Violence and words of Jesus should never be twisted .
I think what Jesus meant was people who refuse the path of truth ( may be non violence and love for fellow beings ) would burn in hell .
So coming back to present life , I have been lately seeing the rise of Fanatic Islamists or Muslims in Kerala . The Religion Islam or their faith in Islam blinds them so much they lose their ability to see whole humans as a unit . They can only see two kinds of people around the environment they are living . One = Islam followers ( the good people to them ) and the non Islam followers ( bad people to them) . what i observed is disturbing these Neo Islamists never do business with people of other religious faith . These Neo Islamists will only engage in Business or things which would benefit their own Islamic people . They never do anything which would benefit followers of other religions .
They are so Narrow minded that they tend to forget that all Keralites and Indians belong to the same Genetic roots as their own , while they stand for a world filled with people united by Islam . This is a very disturbing fact and reality . Their attitude is let a Muslim do any evil or unworthy acts but we gotta always support that Muslim as he is a Muslim not a brilliant logic and it would lead to the formation of nations within a nation and it would soon lead to communal clashes . When all other religious communities start working for the good of their own people it will soon lead to a situation where it would demand separate nations for a separate community which is least desirable . So our nation builders did a big mistake by not eliminating Religions in the Independent India .
Fanatic Religious followers should be prosecuted and they should know the fact that Religions after a point would only cause Humans to be lost in fight against each other . As an interesting point Fanatic Islamists tell their followers to shun west and they condemn west for the problems in the current world .
But an Interesting point what had fanatic Islamists contributed to the modern world ? almost nothing the television , the internet , the modern medicines , the automobiles , the laptop , the mobile phones , the condom everything are western contributions or Jewish contributions to the humanity neither Islam nor its fanatic followers had contributed anything to the world. well I remember Talbianies demolishing thousand + year old Buddhist structures from Afghanistan another act of religious fanaticism so what do modern Islamic fanatics need , believe in a fanatic way and walk through the path of violence and take the head of anyone who refuses Islam and keep humans in fight against each other , Keep violence spread over ? training young kids to be suicide bombers and ultimately spread hatred ? no that's not what i dream of!
so we need a world without fanatic religions !!!!!
Posted by Krishnanunni Prakasan at 20:36

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