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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

1942- Radios & nostalgia

The pleasant memories of a bygone era, when life was not controlled by TV or social networks like fb etc but moved at a slow and relaxed pace with valve radios (later transistors) and gramophones, haunt.
Middle1950s through’60s, makes me nostalgic of Telugu/ English news readers, drama artists, Sunday cinemas (only audio), programmes etc.-Mangamma, Rajamannar, Melvel de mellow,Surjit Sen, Latika Ratnam, Balanandam annayya- Nyapati Raghava Rao, Karmikula karyakramam Ekambaram, Subbaramayya, Dharmasandehalu- Ushasri, Nanduri Subba Rao, Vittal, Banda Kanakalingeswar Rao, Samantaka Mani, Sarada Srinivasan, Sarada Asokavardhan, Sthanam. Radio Ceylon ‘Binaca/ Cibaca Geetamala’ on Wednesdays at 8pm- Ameen Sayani; KLSaigal song at the end of Hindi songs in radio Ceylon, Vividh Bharati with their popular programmes 'Sangeet Sarita', 'Bhule Bisre Geet', Hawa Mahal, 'Jaimala', 'Inse Miliye', 'Chhaya Geet' etc.,
5day test cricket match commentary by Chakrapani, Anand Rao, expert comments by Raja of Vizayanagaram-‘Vizzy’! Radios- Pie,Murphy, Bush, Sharp jhankar etc.HMV Gramophones with handles to wind and needles 78rpms, later with light crystals 45, 33.3 rpms, LPs etc.(Even now, I hold those LPs, like clinging to old memories). All these will definitely have resonance with all the senior citizens.

Those days were not with so many comforts as of the present, but life with few wants was very sublime and fulfilling. ‘Jaane kahaan gayE O din..’- to quote Mera Nam Joker.
Now radio is resurrected with FMs, since 2005, with their RJs trying to out beat the pioneer, Ameen Sayani of Binaca geetmala!
[Binaca brand was owned by Reckitt Benckiser which sold it to Dabur in 1996 for INR12 million (US$190,000)].

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