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Saturday, May 16, 2015

2001- It's the weekend! Hic!

In our life, problems may go from "Haywards 2000"🍺 to "Haywards 5000"🍺 , but we must take them as a "Royal Challenge "🍺 otherwise people will call us "Old Monk"🍺 and put a "Black Label "🍺 on our name. So we must learn from "Teachers"🍺 to fight like "Jack Daniel"🍺 , live like a "Bagpiper"🍺 , walk like "Johny Walker"🍺 , work till "8 PM"🍺 & think like "Director Special" 🍺 . Then life will be "Imperial"🍺 & we will become "Aristocrat"🍺 & there will be value for our "Signature"🍻🍺🍺😜😜

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