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Thursday, June 18, 2015

2093- Jest two! 😁😊😁

A Jew having no children , no money , no home and a blind mother ...
Prays sincerely to God for improving his life style..
God is very pleased with his prayer, and............ Grants him one wish........... just one !!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jew says OK God, thanks, my one and only wish is - 'I want my Mom to SEE my wife putting, $ twenty million worth of diamonds around my Child's neck, in my Mercedes Benz parked near the swimming pool of our new 5 acre bungalow in Beverly Hills.'
GOD: Damn it! 'I still have a lot to learn from these Jews!
Man 1 : What are you doing bro.?
Man 2 : Just finished Dinner with wife and Now Scotch.....
Man 1 : Kya baat hai bhai koun si Black Label or Red Label
Man 2 : Abhe sale Scotch Brite se bartan majne ja raha hun.

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