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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Books for learners

B.S. Warrier is no stranger to the readers of The Hindu Education Plus, as he has been associated with it right from its launch. His latest book, Learn Faster, Learn Better, published by DC Books, deals with a range of topics that can make life easier for students by helping them to handle studies better.

Some of these topics are ones which Mr. Warrier has dealt with in his column, ‘Guidance Plus,’ over a period of time.

The chapter headings are quite indicative of the ground he covers — learning to learn; read faster, read better; the blessings of e-learning; blended learning; to cram or not to cram; mind maps; facing examinations; the world of scholarships; and so on.

The 288-page book, priced at Rs. 125, comes packed with plenty of tips, for Mr. Warrier knows that what students look forward to most is practical advice.

The second edition of another of his books, Steps to Your Dream Career, was released in recent days. This book (DC Books, priced at Rs. 125) focuses on various steps involved in the process of making career-related decisions and finding a job. The approaches required in handling various aspects of the recruitment process, particularly job interviews, group discussion, telephone interviews, campus recruitment and so on have been dealt with in detail. The specifics relating to SSB interviews, civil services and various competitive examinations have been presented in the various chapters.............

(The Hindu,
Education Plus Chennai, 19:11:2007)



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