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Monday, June 02, 2008


Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits (KASH, in HR parlance) are the pillars of employability.

While knowledge could be acquired through academic qualification, attitude is something that one develops right from school days. Participating in extra-curricular, co-curricular and sports events plays a great role in nurturing the ‘team person’ in an individual.

When we speak of skills, we mean self-reliance skills, general skills, people skills and specialised skills. Apart from these, enthusiasm, flexibility, reliability and willingness to learn further are vital.

Leadership is again, seen not just as something to do with leading a team. It has a lot to do with managing diversity, especially in todays context. And managing diversity is one of the greatest challenges for any leadership. Students should look at honing these traits in them while at college, so that they fit into the industry comfortably.

Health care, tourism, hospitality are some of the areas that are coming up in a big way. Several opportunities are available. Make yourselves ready for them.

Latha Rajan Director, Ma Foi Management Consultants
(The Hindu, Education plus Chennai, 02:06:2008)



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