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Thursday, April 17, 2014

1411- Vote for a better tomorrow

(1)Rakhi sawant's statements for 2014 elections... 😇

"I Love Sea Food, Specially porns !!!"
~ Rakhi Sawant

* * * * *

"For God's sex, stop making fun of my English."
~ Rakhi Sawant


Media: “Aap Kitni Padhi Likhi Ho?”

Rakhi Sawant: “Zyaada Nahi.. Bas Inter-Course Kiya Hai…!!“

"This year I am standing for erections"
Rakhi Sawant

( sorry, 3 Q&As are deleted for being too smutty)


(2)All in all- RAJANIKANTH😇
Breaking News :
All parties unanimously agree to support NaMo unconditionally for PM post. They said "itni chhoti si baat ke liye Rajni Sir ko beech me laane ki kya zaroorat thi" .

(3)Latest poll joke...

The Average Length of a Tubelight is 3 feet...

At 5 feet 8 inches Rahul Gandhi is an Exception...

(4)Nice lines seen on a banner in Bangalore:-
*WE have two options in this election to choose from:
A) Lotus
B) Loot-us

*I want my India to be MODIfied!!

*Agar Majburi ka Naam mahatma Gandhi he to. ...Majbuti ka naam Narendra Modi Hai..

*Modi for vision.
Rahul for division.
Kejriwal for Televisions ...!! !!

(5 )The specialty of this election...
Modi - single
Rahul - single
Mamta - single
Jaylalita - single
Mayawati- single
Only single persons can change the future of country.
Married cant even change the tv channels on their own...
(6)India is running on trial and error........
Error was congress and now trial will be BJP 


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