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Thursday, March 05, 2015

1852- Siva....and symbolism

7 mysteries Revealed about Shiva :

 1~ Why Snake?
Snakes are a symbol of awareness.
You can't be asleep with a snake around your neck!
🌼2 ~Why Ashes?
To remind you of the impermanence of life; knowing that we live life fully.
3 ~Is the Moon an Ornament?
The moon and the mind are connected. To be happy in all phases of life, you have to have a say over the mind.
4~ Why Damru?
It has the same shape as the symbol of infinity. Shiva is the unbound infinite consciousness!
5~ Trishul - A Weapon?
Shiva rules over the three gunas represented in the trishul. Yet he encourages everyone to do their dharma - to act and stand up for truth.
6 ~Blue Bodied
The sky is limitless and so is Shiva.
The sky is blue and Shiva is blue too.
🌝7 ~What about Ganga?
Ganga represents gyan (knowledge). Wisdom dawns naturally when you are established in the Shiva

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