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Thursday, June 15, 2006

My second title is published

Author: Carani Narayana Rao

Language: English

ISBN: 81-223-0936-4

Pages: 124

Price: Rs. 96.00

It is observed that throughout the majority of the classics of self improvement literature, there are 10 core steps or fundamental rules to achieve success which run as a common thread. The purpose of this book is to share with the readers, these 10 proven rules/principles or keys compiled from the vast ocean of success literature. Some of these essential rules include-setting a goal, positive mental attitude and self confidence, purposeful and burning desire, planning and preparation, resources, inputs, discipline, action, persistence or perseverance, prayer and values.

Here success is first defined; then the basic rules involved in achieving success are enumerated and explained with relevant anecdotes and stories. To these 10 fundamental rules, a set of success formulae as well as virtue capsules have also been added in the present book.

Carani N. Rao, the author of this book, is a postgraduate in Agricultural Chemistry. He served in the A.P. State Agriculture Department as an Agricultural Officer for 3 years, and then joined the Indian Bank as an officer. After serving the bank for 28 years, he retired as a Senior Manager.
He teaches English, Biology and Life skills, not only to the local students, but also to overseas students, online. He also practises homeopathy.


A word to the reader
Success Formulae
1st Rule GOALS
7th Rule ACTION
9th Rule PRAYERS
10th Rule VALUES
‘You Company’.


1st Rule - GOALS(vision/definiteness of purpose/aim/object/mission/target/ destination/ aspiration/intents)
The law of karma or cause and effect
“For every cause, there is an effect, and for every effect, there is/are specific cause/causes. There are no accidents. What you sow, so you reap.
Definitiveness of purpose is the starting point of any achievement. You can have anything you want in life if you can first decide exactly what it is, and then do the things that others have done to achieve the same result.”
Before you start out, you decide where you want to go. Would you sit in a train or bus without knowing where it was going? No. Then why do people go through life without having any destination or goal? So, before you start out, know where you want to go.
The law of clarity
“The clearer you are about what you want, and what you are willing to do to get it, the more likely it is that you will be lucky and get what you want. Clarity of desired goals is a magnet that draws good luck to you.”
An individual objective is, the intended goal, which prescribes definite scope and suggests direction to efforts for better individual.

Goals give a direction to the enthusiasm and they point out to the end results. The world stands aside to let any one pass, who knows where she/he is going. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T:

Specific, like “I want to become a crorepathy.”
Measurable, like “I want to earn Rs 3 crore by the 50th year.”
Action oriented, there should be a plan and action is to be initiated.
Realistic, If one wants to reduce weight from 80 kg to 60 kg within a month, it is not a practical one.
Time specific, it must clearly be mentioned when the action is to be started and completed to achieve the goal.

List the things you want most in your life:
• Things you want right now,
• In the near future and
• Your final goal.

Write down on paper, your goals in life. If you keep your goals before you, each day, and act on them, they are certain to become a reality.
When you look for something, you will find it. If you constantly expect exceptional success, you will surely have it. Peak performers attract success. You must keep the goals, you desire to achieve at the forefront of your mind throughout the day. Repeat your ambitions at least five times a day, and visualize yourself achieving them. If your goal is to be rich, picture the house, you will be living in, the car you will be driving, what it will feel like to be rich and the pleasure of attaining your goals in life. Repeat your ambition over and over, until you have complete certainty that you will attain your desires and eventually, you will. Set goals. Do what it takes to achieve them, and enjoy your process.

The law of flexibility
“Be clear about your goals and be flexible about the process of achieving them. Flexibility and adaptability are the core qualities for success in an age of rapid change, competition and obsolescence.”
Goal setting and pursuing one goal at a time are highly essential for success in one’s endeavour.

Goals – Plurality
A scholar had two sons. One was a priest and the other was a farmer.
One day, the farmer went to see his priest brother at his residence. A servant in the house said – “My master is busy. He is praying Lord Siva”.
The farmer said that he would wait outside and came out of the house. The farmer went out and started digging a pit.
After sometime, when the farmer enquired, the servant replied—“My master is still busy. Now, he is praying Lord Vishnu.”
The farmer started digging a second pit.
Again after sometime, when the farmer asked, the servant said that his master was praying to Goddess Kali. The farmer dug yet another pit.
This continued. Every time the servant announced that his master was praying to some God, the farmer dug a new pit.
At last, the priest finished his prayers and came out. The farmer rose and went to see him. The priest noticed the pits on the river bed and asked him – “What for did you dig so many pits”?
“For water”, replied the farmer.
The priest laughed and said – “You fool! You could have got water by now, had you dug only one pit deep enough”.
“You fool! You could have got salvation by now, had you prayed to only one God instead of many,” replied the farmer brother.

Reviews about the book:

Dear Sir,
10 Fundamental Rules of Success is a powerful book with concepts that will empower readers to achieve harmony in life. This is one book that is a must read for personal growth.

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