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Friday, November 23, 2007

Scent and style

It’s the in-thing for the fashion-conscious to flaunt the latest fragrances

LOOK GREAT, SMELL GOOD With the right fragrance

The heady scent of a bouquet of flowers or the power-packed smack of lemony cologne… The perfume you wear adds that special dimension to your personality. And in the increasingly style conscious society that India has become, fashionistas vie w ith one another to flaunt the latest fragrance.

The market is flooded with scents from the big fashion houses both Indian and foreign. There’s Ripple Fragrances that has launched Blueprint and Helix for men and Species and Genus for women for the festive and party season. “These fragrances enable the wearers to extend their persona,” says Kiran Ranga, CEO Ripple Fragrances. Keeping urban youth in mind, Kiran says, “They prefer prestigious brands that transform their identity.”

Tatte, country manager, Boucheron, Aigner J Del and Pozo, Mumbai says: “Your perfume is a personal way of communicating your sensuality and attractiveness, and is an integral part of your personality.”

Dos and don’ts

While buying a perfume, always keep in mind the occasion and the environment it is meant for. There’s no assurance you’ll like what smells good on your friend, when you wear it yourself. Generally, all fragrances react differently on different body types. Anything that affects the “natural” smell of your skin such as stress, hormonal changes, diet or medication, might change how a perfume smells on you. Difference in temperature and humidity also change the original fragrance.

Also, while testing perfumes, if you try too many fragrances in succession, your nose will quickly become “blind” because of odour fatigue and you’ll no longer be able to differentiate between what you like and what you don’t like. That’s why it’s wise never to test more than four similar or five or six different fragrances at a time. Wearing the right perfume for the right event can be tricky. Women could opt for flowery and fruity fragrances for an office environment. Brands such as Charlie, Cool Water, Ralph Lauren, and Aqua Di Gio are suitable for the office-goer. But for a party, a spicy flavour sets the mood for fun — Mania, Coco, Opium or Visit would be appropriate. While men generally opt for spice, wood and musk fragrances Calvin Klein (Euphoria), Davidoff, Boss, Issey Miyake are some of the hot buys.

If you want the scent you wear to last, then it’s advisable to use a relatively thick body lotion or cream on the areas to be perfumed. Unscented creams, petroleum jelly or jojoba oil increase a perfume’s longevity.

The best way to safeguard your perfume is to store it properly, and keep it away from heat and light. A dark closet or a covered box is best. Also avoid direct exposure to air. Splash bottles, which expose the fragrance to air every time they are opened, pose a problem.

Daubing the right quantity of perfume on the right spot is important. Do not dab on too much as it might irritate others who might be near you. The perfume should not dominate your personality, it should only enhance it. A perfume can be worn on pulse points — areas of the skin where the blood circulation is greater such as the wrist, behind the ears, the chest, the neck, behind the knees and inside the elbows. Or spray a fragrance in the air and walk through it.

With so many international fragrances in the air, it’s time to re-define your scent and leave behind a subtle reminder of your presence long after you have left.

(The Hindu, Metro plus,Cennai,22:11:2007)



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