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Friday, May 29, 2015

2048- Jest a minute!

    Sexy secretary comes angrily out of Boss's cabin..
    Staff askd:
    wht hapend?
    He asked me r u free tonight? 😜
    I said yes !
    Bastard gave me 60 pages to type!!!
    Shocking Introduction at a party...
    One man to another ..
    Meet my wife tanya ..
    2nd one : ya, I know her.
    1st one : how..?
    2nd one : we were caught many a times sleeping together.
    1st one : Wat??? Angrily.. What the hell u r talking..??
    2nd one : during lectures in science & history classes.
    We were classmates.😜😜😝
    Police: R u married?
    Sardar: Yes, with a woman.
    Police : Of course! Did u even hear of anyone marrying a man?
    Sardar: Yes, my sister did....!!!😁😂😜😀

    --Signboard outside a..
    PATHOLOGY Clinic--
    For you it may be your Urine & Potty...
    for us, it is our Dal & Roti...!!!
    One day I asked my Heart......
    What is love ?
    Heart Replied:
    Dekh bhai apna kaam blood supply karna hai...! syllabus ke baahar ka mat pucch.....😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😂.
    A Safety warning notice in a factory for female workers:
    "If your skirt is long, stay away from the engines
    if it
    is short, stay away from the engineers.."😂😂😂

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