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Saturday, June 22, 2013

1205 - 'Dangerous Minds"

The other day, on an English TV channel, I watched the 1995, Michelle Pfeiffer movie- 'Dangerous minds'. It was a nice movie and following are some of the nice quotes from the same:-
"Words are thoughts, and we cannot think without them."

"keeping an 'A' is harder than getting 'A'. Almost anyone can get an 'A' once. But keeping it is an accomplishment."

"You know how to run, but not the way you could run if you are trained. The mind is like a muscle. If you want to be really powerful, you got to work it out. Each new fact gives you another choice. Each new idea builds another muscle. And it is those muscles that are gonna make you really strong. Those are your weapons, and in this unsafe world, I want to arm you. At the end of the term..........if you are faster, stronger and smarter, you will be that much tougher to knock down!"

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1204 - Quotes

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 The sea robin fish is a unique form of marine life. It has fins that actually appear to open and close like the wings of a bird. This is where it get its name. The sea robin fish has two subfamilies, the Triglinae and the Peristedinae. There are some researchers, however who believe that they are two distinct families. The sea robin is also known by the name,gurnard.

The family Phylliidae contains the extant true leaf insects or walking leaves, which include some of the most remarkable leaf mimics in the entire animal kingdom.

 Swans only have one partner for their whole life, and if their partner dies they can pass away from broken heart

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep, so they don't drift away from each other.


This is Tibetan Mastiff, They can grow up to 32 inches..

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered a primitive breed. It typically retains the hardiness which would be required for it to survive in Tibet and the high-altitude Himalayan range, including the northern part of Nepal, India and Bhutan

via Facebook/ General Knowledge

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