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Monday, January 27, 2014


(Pooja Bedi, TOI, 27:01:2014)
    Whether you invest in a small, cute economical utility car or the most beautiful and expensive one, it’s really of no purpose if you don’t put fuel into it on a regular basis. How much fuel you fill, and how well you maintain it, is what determines how far it will go and how long the car will hold up without breaking down. It doesn’t matter if the car is high-maintenance or simple and cost effective, like many men and women, because if you buy any car and keep it in the garage, it will begin to rust over time.
    Ditto for relationships! I always say, “love petrol”, be it in the form of material gestures of love, verbal affirmations, attention, and the physicality of love are crucial to relationships running smoothly.
Of course, over time relationships get a few dents and scratches and sometimes run into major crashes just like cars. But do you junk it or work on repairing it and getting it back on the road again?
It’s normal to look at other cars and wish you could own a better and newer model. Some do go out there and “test drive” other cars even if they don’t have any intentions of actually buying them. The only difference is that it seems people care more for their cars than their relationships.
If only we cared as deeply about dusty relationships, the depleted love petrol, the lack of air, and simply paid attention to the warning signs!

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