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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Mar 08 2015 : The Times of India (Chennai)

If Uncoupling Your Teenage Son From Facebook Was A Challenge, Good Luck With Your Old Folks
Three years ago Prathap Krishnan gave his 70-year-old mother a crash course in social media. He taught her to use Facebook, showed her how to look for old classmates and third cousins, cautioned her against approving Friend requests from strangers and warned her against revealing personal information online.Krishnan now wonders how he can wean his mother off it. “She's like a teenager with an X-box,“ he complains. “Earlier, she'd reach for her wristwatch first thing in the morning; she now reaches for her smartphone. She takes her phone everywhere, on evening walks, to yoga class, the kitchen and even the bathroom ­ not because she's expecting an important call, but because she needs to be the first to comment on what her friends are thinking eating experiencing...on Facebook.“
By the late-2000s, even the most suspicious of 60-year-olds wanted to know how to upload a profile picture. Social institutions held introductory classes to social media for senior citizens, and children boasted of the tech-savviness of their old folks. “My father's my Facebook friend“ they'd say , to show the family was up to snuff. Now they're out hunting for virgin virtual spaces that haven't yet been discovered and conquered by their mummys and daddys who unwittingly post such praise as `Well done son' when the man brags he scored last night.
“My mother blocked my sister, my wife and me from her FB group two years ago because she felt we were policing her...which we were,“ reports Tapan Durga, who incidentally works in digital media. “My mother joined FB in 2008 and in the early years, lacking all social filters she'd accept any friend request and even hand out our telephone number to some. After fielding a few dodgy calls and discovering romantic overtures made to her by a shady man (sending her flower emojis), I had to watch her back. She has learnt the ways of social media now and even founded and administers a 40-member group on FB, all of them over 55 years. They went on a holiday to Shimla recently , and she even invited a few to my wedding; I was baffled to see strangers around.Her friends call her the FB Dj because she sends out a link to a Hindi film song every morning,“ says Durga who got his mother a smartphone a few years ago to relieve her of the laptop she'd lug everywhere to stay connected.
While most of them have taken to social media like Snoop Dogg to Instagram, some have teething trouble. “My 78-year-old mom, Seema, tried posting something on Facebook some time back,“ recalls Saba Mirza, a homemaker in Mumbai, “She wrote it but forgot to post it, and for the next half hour ranted about how slow our MTNL Wifi was,“ laughs Mirza, whose mother initially had her daughter greenflag her posts before she hit Go. “On another occasion, looking at the FB prompt `people you may know', she wondered aloud “How do so many people know I'm on Facebook!“ Mirza recently got her mother a selfie stick and is showing her how to use it. Reginald Fernandes, a 72-year-old picture buff, still uses his phone to shoot and post images.“I usually post around a dozen images a day on my Whatsapp group, though I'm still a bit puzzled by Instagram. I sometimes forget the device is a phone and call it my camera. My 40-year-old son who lives with me, has unfortunately left my Whatsapp group. He complains I take up too much room on his phone. I've advised him to get an upgrade.“
All names have been changed to protect family relations

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1912- Mahatma Gandhi 'a British agent who did great harm to India'

Known for his penchant for stirring controversies, former chairman of Press Club of India, Justice Markandey Katju has called Mahatma Gandhi 'a British agent who did great harm to India'.

His blog, posted on his Facebook page was shared by more than 1,300 people by the time this report was being filed.

This is what Justice Katju wrote in his blog titled - 'Gandhi—A British Agent'.
This post is bound to draw a lot of flak at me, but that does not matter as I am not a popularity seeker I have often said things knowing that initially that will make me very unpopular, and I will be vilified and denounced by many. Nevertheless I say such things as I believe they must be said in my country's interest. I submit that Gandhi was objectively a British agent who did great harm to India."

"These are my reasons for saying this:
1. India has tremendous diversity, so many religions, castes, races, languages, etc ( see my article ' What is India ?' on my blog ).

Realizing this the British policy was of divide and rule ( see online ' History in the Service of Imperialism ' , which is a speech delivered by Prof B N Pande in the Rajya Sabha ).

By constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, Gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule.

If we read Gandhi's public speeches and writings ( e.g. in his newspapers 'Young India', ' Harijan ', etc ) we find that ever since Gandhi came to India from South Africa in 1915 or so till his death in 1948, in almost every speech or article he would emphasize Hindu religious ideas e.g. Ramrajya, Go Raksha ( cow protection ), brahmacharya ( celibacy ), varnashram dharma ( caste system ), etc ( see Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi ).

Thus Gandhi wrote in ' Young India ' on 10.6.1921 " I am a Sanatani Hindu. I believe in the varnashram dharma. I believe in protection of the cow ". In his public meetings the Hindu bhajan ' Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram ' would be loudly sung.

Now Indians are a religious people, and they were even more religious in the first half of the 20th century. A sadhu or swamiji may preach such ideas to his followers in his ashram, but when they are preached day in and day out by a political leader, what effect will these speeches and writings have on an orthodox Muslim mind ? It would surely drive him towards a Muslim organization like the Muslim League, and so it did. Was this not serving the British policy of divide and rule ? By constantly injecting religion into politics for several decades, was Gandhi not objectively acting as a British agent ?

2. In India a revolutionary movement against British rule had started in the early 20th century under the Anushilan Samiti, Jugantar, and revolutionaries like Surya Sen, Ramprasad Bismil ( who wrote the song ' Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai ), Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, etc ( who were all hanged by the British ). Gandhi successfully diverted the freedom struggle from this revolutionary direction to a harmless nonsensical channel called Satyagrah. This also served British interests.

3. Gandhi's economic ideas were thoroughly reactionary. He advocated self sufficient village communities, though everybody knows that these communities were totally casteist and in the grip of landlords and money lenders..Gandhi was against industrialization, and preached handspinning by charkha and other such reactionary nonsense. Similarly, his ' trusteeship ' theory was all nonsense, and an act of deceiving the people

Some people praise Gandhi's bravery in going to Noakhali, etc to douse the communal violence at the time of Partition. But the question is why did he help setting the house on fire in the first place by preaching religious ideas in public political meetings for several decades, which were bound to divide the Indian people on religious lines? First you set the house on fire, and then you do the drama of trying to douse the flames.

(Blog taken from Justice Markandey Katju's Facebook page)

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1911- USE IT OR LOSE IT! (The Voice RA, Infinitheism)

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1910- Christianity as seen by Betrand Russel

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1909- liquor and education

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1908- Bekarar Dil Tu Gaye Jaa (Door Ka Rahi 1971) - Kishore Kumar, Sulakshana ...

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1907- Detachment

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1906- The gun fighter

A young man in the Old West wanted to be the best gunfighter alive. He practiced every day, but knew he was still missing something that would make him the best. One night, as he was sitting in a saloon, he spotted an old man who had the reputation of being the greatest gunfighter in his day. So the young fella went over to the old man and told him his dream.
The old man looked him up and down and said, I have a suggestion that is sure to help. Tell me, said the young man. Tie the bottom of your holster lower onto your leg. Will that make me a better gunfighter? Definitely,"said the old man. The young gunman did what he was told, then in a flash he drew his gun and shot the bow tie off the piano player. Wow, that really helped. Do you have any more suggestions? Yeah, if you cut a notch in the top of your holster where the hammer hits, the gun will come out smoother. Will that make me a better gunfighter? It sure will," said the old man. The young guy did what he was told, drew his gun in a blur and shot the cufflink off the piano player.
This is really helping me. Is there anything else you can share with me? One more thing," said the old man, "Get that can of axle grease over there in the corner and rub it all over your gun. The young man didn't hesitate but started putting the grease just on the barrel of the gun. No, the whole gun, handle and everything, said the old man. Will that make me a better gunfighter? No," said the old man, but when Wyatt Earp gets done playing that piano he's going to shove that gun up your ass, and it won't hurt as much.😇


1905- dil hum hum kare ghabraye .. film rudali


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1903- English Vinglish

Can any one say the difference between 'Complete' and 'Finished'?
No dictionary has ever been able to define the difference between 'Complete' and 'Finished.'
However, in a linguistic conference, held in London England, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese, was the clever winner.
His final challenge was this. Some say there is no difference between 'Complete' and 'Finished.' Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand.
His response was: When you marry the right woman, you are 'Complete.' If you marry the wrong woman, you are 'Finished.' And, when the right woman catches you with the wrong woman, you are 'Completely Finished.'
His answer received a five minute standing ovation.

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1902- Roots and fruits of life

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1901- just in jest! - Babulog Ki Nayi Desi Boli

Mar 07 2015 : The Times of India (Chennai)
Bureaucrats are given language primer to translate English jargon into Hindi
To most lay citizens bureaucratese ­ the esoteric language that babudom the world over uses as its exclusive privilege is pure Greek, if not double Dutch, no matter in which idiom it is couched. However, in a commendable effort to try and ensure that our top babus are heard to not only talk the talk ­ bolo the boli ­ but are also seen as being able to walk the talk ­ or chalo the boli ­ the Modi sarkar has provided them with a lingual ready reckoner by which they can translate the most commonly used words and phrases in bureaucratese into Hindi, which need not necessarily be of the shudh variety.
For instance, if an officer wants to make a file notation to the effect that `No progress has been made in the matter' ­ a state of affairs that is only too common in the labyrinthine corridors of babudom ­ the handy word-list supplied by the home ministry will make the Hindi equivalent available at the official's fingertips: `Iss maamle mein koi pragati nahin hui hai'.
Similarly, `Please discuss' ­ the stock phrase which adroitly sidesteps the awkward necessity of having to make decisions ­ has been translated into `Kripya charcha kijiye'. Despite its user-friendly format, the mini English-Hindi lexicon might face obstacles in achieving `Antim sahmati', or `Final concurrence', let alone reaching the stage of `Aadesh jaari kar diya jaaye', or `Order may be issued'.
The reason is that the southern states are likely to view this as an example of linguistic chauvinism and another attempt by the Centre to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speakers. As such, the whole matter might conveniently get tangled up in `lal patti', or `red tape', that indispensable part and parcel of all bureaucracy, not just ours.
Standard jargon apart, official dom has been known to devise its own secret argot as shown by the story of the babu who kept three trays on his desk, one marked `In', another marked `Out', and the third marked `LBW', which stood not for `Leg before wicket' but for `Let the blighter wait'.
On occasion, however, babus fail to decode the cryptic annotations used by their peers. Urged by colleagues to refrain from using the plural form of the word `ball', which is a vulgarism denoting disagreement, a veteran file-pusher is said to have substituted the expression with the euphemistic phrase `Round objects'.
Whereupon the papers in question were returned to his desk with the notational query: `Who is Round, and what does he object to?' Which suggests that, no matter how it's phrased, in the gobbledygook of babudom `antim sahmati' will always remain a non-work in progress.

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Monday, March 09, 2015

1900- Dhire Dhire Aa Re Badal-Male (Kismet)

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1899- Ka Karoon Sajani (Swami)

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1898- Animal and human propencities

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1897- Chetan bhagat's Beautiful message!

ߒStay away from Anger.. It hurts ..Only You
 ߒIf you are right then there is no need to get angry
 ߒAnd if you are wrong then you don't have any right to get angry.

ߒPatience with family is love,
ߒPatience with others is respect.
ߒPatience with self is confidence and Patience with GOD is faith.

ߒNever Think Hard about the PAST, It brings Tears...
ߒDon't think more about the FUTURE, It brings Fear...
ߒLive this Moment with a Smile,It brings Cheer.

ߒEvery test in our life makes us bitter or better,
ߒEvery problem comes to make us or break us,
ߒThe choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.

ߒBeautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful

ߒDo you know why God created gaps between fingers?
ߒSo that someone who is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever.

ߒHappiness keeps You Sweet..But being sweet brings happiness.

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1896- Bigg Boss Season 6 Videos Sidhu's experience with Mother Teresa #Day 11...

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1895- Ab Toh Hai Tumse Har Khushi Apni - Abhimaan - Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bh...

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1894- Woman and age!

After a long & serious operation, Wife ended up in a coma. Try as they might, the doctors just couldn't bring her out of it. When her husband came into the intensive care unit to see her, the doctors gave him the bad news.
"We just can't wake her. It doesn't look good I'm afraid," the doctor told in a quiet somber voice.
Husband looked at wife & with a soft trembling voice said "But doctor, she's so young. She's only 40".
"38" came the weak reply from Wife.
Nothing can beat a woman's will to be young.

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A Woman writes to the IT Technical Support Guy

Dear Tech Support,
Last year I Upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I noticed a Distinct Slowdown in the overall System Performance, particularly in the Flower and Jewellery Applications, which Operated Flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.
In addition, Husband 1.0 Uninstalled another Valuable Program, Romance 9.5 and then Installed undesirable Programs such as NEWS 5.0, MONEY 3.0 and CRICKET 4.1
What can I do ?


Dear Madam,
First, keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an Operating System.
Please enter Command: "ithoughtyoulovedme.html" and try to Download Tears 6.2. Then it will automatically run the Applications Jewellery 3.0 and Flowers 3.5
However, remember, Overuse of the above Application can cause Husband 1.0 to Default to Silence 3.5 or Beer 6.1.
Also DO NOT disturb the original Package of Husband 1.0.... Otherwise new Virus Girlfriend 2.5 will automatically be Downloaded into your System.
So be careful. In addition, please do not attempt to Re-install the Boyfriend 5.0 Program. These are Unsupported Applications and will Crash Husband 1.0.
We recommend: Cooking 5.0 and Cute Looks 7.7
Good Luck Madam.

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1892- Biggest contradictions in INDIA!

1) We'd rather spend more on daughters wedding than on her education.
2) We live in a country where seeing a policeman makes us nervous rather than feeling safe
3) In IAS exam, a person writes a brilliant 1500 words essay about how Dowry is a social evil. Impresses everyone and cracks the exam. One year later same person demands a dowry of 1 crore, because he is an IAS officer.
4) Indians are very shy and still are 121 Crore.
5) Indians are obsessed with screen guards on their smartphones even though most come with scratch proof Gorilla Glass but never bother wearing a helmet while riding their bikes.
6) Indian Society teaches 'Not to Get Raped', rather 'Don't Rape' !
7) Reserved people get more benefit than deserve people...!
8) The worst movies earn the most
9) A porn-star is accepted in society as a celebrity, but a rape victim is not even accepted as a normal human being.
10) Politicians Divide us, Terrorists Unite us
11) Everyone is in a hurry, but no one reaches on time
12) Priyanka Chopra earned more money playing Mary Kom, than Mary Kom earned in her entire career.
13) Its dangerous to talk to strangers, but it's perfectly ok to marry one
14) Most people who fight over Gita and Quran, have probably never read any of them
15)Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police.
16)Car Loan @ 6% but Education Loan @ 12%
17)The shoes we wear are sold in air Conditioned showrooms, the vegetables we eat are sold on the footpath!!


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1891- Money and dreams

"Money is a byproduct that will eventually come If you keep chasing your dreams."
Rahul Sharma, Micromax cofounder

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1890- Sab Kuch Seekha Humne (Anari)

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1889- DRIVING LICENCE FORM from Bihar:

Note: Please do nat soot the person at the applikason kounter. He bill gib you license..

For phurthar instruction,
see botom pharm.
(Please check karrect opson.)

1. Last Name:
Dont knowing

2. Phirst Name:
Dont knowing

3. Age:
Less than phipty
Greater than phipty
Dont knowing

4. Sex:
Nat Sure
Nat Applicabul

5. Chappal Size:

6. Occupasun:
Hause Waife
Nat know

7. Number af children
in Hause:
more than 10

8. Number of childrens that is yours:

9. Maadar Name:

10. Phather Name (If nat know, leave blank)

11. Ejjucason : 1 2 3 4 (Circle () on highest grade)
(Check karet box)

12.Your thumb imparsson : ____________________________ (** If you are copying from another applikason pharom, do nat capy thumb impersson also.)

Use thumb on your lepht hand only. If you dont have lepht hand, use your thumb on right hand. If you do not have right hand, use thumb on lepht hand.

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1888- రావి శాస్త్రి ఉవాచ


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1887- ప్రేమంటే

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1886- Humsafar Mere Humsafar - Dharmendra, Meena Kumari, Purnima Song (Duet)

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1885- శంక రాలు





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1884- భలే మంచి చౌక బేరము

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