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Monday, August 05, 2013

1244-"Always Pack A Sense Of Humour"

British adventurer,writer and TV presenter Bear Grylls tells Nona Walia why jungle (concrete and real) survival is all about knowing how to laugh at yourself

Adventurer Bear Grylls has a simple motto in life: Train hard.Fight easy.From learning bushcraft,building shelter deep into the wild,hunting for food to survive and eating goat testicles,this Briton has done it all.Known for his television series Man vs.Wild,Grylls teaches the art of survival in harsh landscapes in a survival academy he has recently opened.He says,Surviving life-threatening situations is a science of attitude,it can instill positivity,resourcefulness,energy and fire.The trick is in overcoming your fear.Its about making a decision,getting on and doing it. The man who has climbed cliffs,parachuted from helicopters,run through forest fires,eaten snakes,drunk urine saved in a rattlesnake skin,and eaten deer droppings,gives us a few lessons on survival.

Survival skills are your forte How necessary is it as a quality in today's world

We need to have definite plans to survive in life.Theres a saying: No plan survives the first contact with the enemy.In fact,I love it when things go wrong.I think the secret lies in thinking fast and with ingenuity.Be committed to yourself and your life goal.While facing tough situations in life,dont panic.It makes things worse.Try to be calm.

Your book,A Survival Guide for Life,inspires people to overcome their fears.What life lessons can you give those who look up to you?

Survival skills aren't taught in schools or written in textbooks.My motto is don't listen to dream stealers or become over-enthusiastic.I teach people how to deal with adversity yet keep their character in todays cut-throat world.I tell people how to imbibe qualities of primal life.Dynamic self-rescue survival skills can save your life across a whole series of terrains.

What qualities should people hone to survive all odds?

Optimism,team work,initiative,courage,resourcefulness and determination.The kick for me is seeing people literally grow in stature and confidence as they learn many of the skills and attitudes in practice.It makes it all worthwhile.Adventure brings out the best and worst in people.The wild is unpredictable.However much we prepare,things sometimes go wrong,and that's true of life too.I encourage people to find the strength in themselves.We are much stronger than we think.

What are your five top tips for holidays on the wild side?

Be prepared.Go with good friends you trust and who are relaxed people.Have a backup plan.Pack a sense of humour.

How do you relax

I take off with my family to our little island hideaway in North Wales.It has 20 acres of green and one small cottage.Its my heaven on earth.


  • Plan,execute goals,face danger,push your limits to sharpen your instincts 
  • Chase the goal,not the money 
  • Always say yes to opportunities 
  • Never give up 
  • There is no education like adversity 
  • You cant become a horseman until you have fallen off a horse 
  • Don't worry too much 
  • Tents don't repair themselves when things go wrong,set them right yourself 
  • Paddle your own canoe 
  • Don't assume too much Dreams require sacrifice
  •  Honour the journey,not the destination 
  • To get,you have to learn to give 
  • Humility is everything 
  • Instinct is the nose of the mind,trust it 
  • Laugh at yourself,a lot 
  • Keep good company 
  • Find a good guide 
  • Seek out motivation 
  • Money is like a river,it has to flow 
  • Be a volunteer 
  • Keep grounded 
  • Learn courage 
  • Take care of your possessions 
  • Use time wisely 
  • Every time you surprise yourself,you inspire yourself 
  • Do not judge someone by their status 
  • Let others shine 
  • Be cheerful in adversity 
  • When you go through hell,keep going 
  • Ask yourself,what makes you smile 
  • Success is about embracing tears and heartaches [Times of India,04:08:2013]

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